Choosing a Camera as a Derby Wedding Photographer

Derby wedding photographerThere are several types of cameras to choose from. As a Derby wedding photographer, you have to find the one that’s right for you. Not just what feels right, but also what produces great pictures with an affordable price for you.

To start with, a camera doesn’t have to be the most expensive product on the shelf for it to create amazing images. The skill of the images lies within the photographer, not just their equipment. It’s more than just true that a photographer needs a camera, but it doesn’t have to empty out your pockets.

Likewise, you can’t expect too much if you only pay for the most minimalist camera possible. There is always a way to improve, and it is good to do so as you can, but you don’t want there to be a need for improvement. This is why it is best to find a camera that is in between the better and the best, so that you can acquire amazing photography work without losing your budget.

  • Establish a Price Range

First things first. Decide how much money you can afford to set aside for a camera. If you have to, set up a savings account for it and just gradually increase the amount monthly. If you already know what kind of camera you want, then look into it. Dig deeper and gain an idea of a price and set that as your goal.

However, if you have no idea what kind of camera to get yet, start with figuring out how much money you can spend on one. From there you can use that price range to look around at what fits within it. If nothing matches your price range, then it’s time to start saving.

  • Browse Before You Buy

Once you have saved or set aside the amount you are willing to spend, then you will need to start browsing. Don’t buy anything yet; it is vitally important to know that you’ve looked over every possibility and seen every option.

Not every camera works the same. As a Derby wedding photographer, you will need to find what’s right for you, not just what someone recommends. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for everyone, so you need to be careful about where you look for cameras.

If you are interested in a certain type of photography, then start with browsing the camera option for that type. If you want a more generic camera, then make sure that you keep that in mind when you are looking through your options so that you don’t end up with something too specific to any one kind of photography.

  • Know Your Skill Level

If you know your skill level, then finding the camera that is perfect for you will be much easier. Knowing your skill level will allow you to find a camera suitable for you by what you already know and what you can learn quickly. Finding a camera that is easy to learn new techniques with will be an essential key in your improvement as a Derby wedding photographer just like Aaron Russell, or even just in your photography hobby.

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Why You Should Hire a Professional Greenwich Wedding Photographer

Greenwich wedding photographerWhen it comes to planning a wedding, the couple has a lot of things to take care of from deciding on a location, arranging for suitable decorators to beautify the location, get the right dress and send out invitations to those they want to be a part of their wedding. Going by the amount of planning needed to set up a wedding, it can be said a lot of effort has been put in to making the day all the more special for the couple. Now, if you were the one getting married, wouldn’t you want a professional Greenwich wedding photographer at the event to help you capture the moments and memories?

Weddings for most people are once in a lifetime. Once they walk down that aisle to start a new life together, that is it. Weddings are not everyday or yearly events in the life of an individual. Therefore, It is important that the thing be captured in all its glory and that is where a photographer comes in.

However, there have been instances where couples prioritized other elements of a wedding above the wedding photographer. As a matter of fact for some people, choosing a photographer is an afterthought and this is where you have them settle for family members and friends to do the photography. Having a family member or friend do the photography may work out some times but most times, it often ends up in disaster.

There are a lot of reasons why this can be so:

  • Lack of professionalism

The family friend or member was primarily invited as a wedding guest so for them, their major reason for coming is to share in the happy moment, reconnect with people they haven’t seen a while (weddings can be reunions too as it tends to bring together individuals from different places gay may have lost touch with each other), eat good food and have a dance. However, you suddenly thrust the responsibility of wedding photographer to them and this might affect their original plans.

While the friend or family might still go about shooting pictures, this might not be done with the same dedication a professional will provide. The individual can be distracted by little things such as food or chatting with another guest. When it is time to shoot an event, the guest might be thinking of ways to also get into the shot.

  • Lack of skills

The person that is usually saddled with the task that a professional Greenwich wedding photographer ought to have been hired for is someone with passable photography skills. Now, the individual has no idea that there are different styles of wedding photography. For them, all they have to do is point the camera and capture what ever they see. There is no finesse or deliberation just a matter of point and shoot and that is that.

Also, the post-production work that involves editing and compilation of photographs is not something an amateur can do. In their own opinion, they might feel, their job was to show up and capture the images what ever is left can be done by the couple.

Going by the above, it can be said that there are merits to hiring the services of a professional Greenwich wedding photographer like

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Advantages of Hiring a Local Wedding Photographer Cardiff

wedding photographer CardiffHow often does a wedding occur in the life of an individual? Life is unpredictable and it comes at you fast, but for most of us, that walking down the aisle to be united in matrimony with a special someone is a precious moment. This is an event that we only want to do once all things being equal.

Therefore, it goes without saying that all the events, actions and memories that are made on that special day be recorded. There are various ways to record a wedding from hiring the services of a wedding photographer Cardiff or getting a wedding videographer to record a video of the event. You also have the cameras of family and friends who are willing to help you record this special moment in case the wedding photographer is capturing another.

However, there are a lot of things you ought to consider before actually hiring the services of a wedding photographer. One of them is location. Location is one important issue most couples tend to overlook.

Why? The reason being that most couples tend to go for photographers that have been recommended by friends and families disregarding the fact that maybe the photographer isn’t a local. There are various reasons why getting a local wedding photographer would be of benefit to the couple.

They are:

Ease of access

Familiarity with the location

  • Background check

When you hire a photographer that is well known in your locale, it would be easier to conduct research on whether their photography skills are trustworthy. Since the photographer stays close to where you reside, you can easily reach out to previous customers and find it whether or not the services of the photographer are satisfactory. Also, for wedding vendors who operate in a certain vicinity, you can always ask their colleagues about their services and if it is one you can rely on.

  • Communication

When you hire a wedding photographer Cardiff, you make the process of communication easier for both of you. Sure, technology has made it possible for individuals on opposite ends of the world to call, chat or send messages to reduce the hassle of long distances. But, sometimes it is not enough. Imagine if the photographer lived in a different time zone? This means you would have to set up meetings based on the time that is convenient for you. Therefore if something is urgent, it cannot be treated immediately .

  • Ease of access

Like we said in the case of communication, you Photographer might not be easily accessible to you since he or she does not stay in the same location as you. Therefore, for issues regarding how to arrange your wedding venue to get the best photographs, the photographer might not be available to provide his or her own input. Most of these photographers might not come until 2-3 days to the wedding and this leaves a limited time to get familiar with each other.

  • Familiarity with the location

Hire a wedding photographer Cardiff like and get someone who is already familiar with all the best spots in the city. For a local photographer, they know the best spots to go to when it comes to lighting and background in case you want to shoot pre-wedding photographs. You don’t have to worry about whether the photographer will have troubles finding a good location.

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Is Your Photographer in York the Right Choice?

photographer in YorkThere are many things we know couples are oblivious to when it comes to hiring a wedding photographer. And we won’t just talk about hiring a photographer in York, but also how to create a successful wedding photography experience.

Let’s start with finding the right person for the job.

Experience and portfolios

Your photographer must possess enough experience in wedding photography, preferably at least 1-2 years of it. It could be experienced in working as his own photographer or assistant to a professional before. A photographer with experience is more likely to anticipate different kinds of problems and how to best capture wedding moments.

They may even have experiences in working in a similar environment like your wedding. This makes it easy to get advice and discuss on what they can do for you and to be shown samples of it. They usually have portfolios of past works which are great for references and to see the photographer’s skills in relevant to your type/style of wedding.


A photographer must have a professional attitude even though he might still be a beginner. A professional attitude includes providing consultation when needed, prepared for the wedding and focuses on his job when it’s work time. You can also see it when you first meet the photographer. The photographer has to be confident and gives a friendly smile & handshake.

Attitude is important because it can define how a photographer works. A confident and attentive photographer takes his job seriously and won’t be distracted when working on your wedding. You also don’t have to worry about the photographer slacking off and going for breaks way too often.

If you want to see an example of a photographer in York with a very good professional photographer attitude, we recommend Kirsty Mattson. This is the kind of photographer you will want around you.

Know his style

Different photographers have different photography style. Some like to be in front and direct the people while he takes the pictures. This kind of photographer will need some time of some of the guests to help with the pictures for you. The results are usually funny and memorable as the people are stages to be temporary actors and actresses.

The other type likes to shoot from the dark, remaining invisible and unobtrusive. This kind of photographer wants to take pictures in its most natural moment, oblivious to the fact it’s being captured. Such photographers create works that are really nostalgic to the people looking back to those times.

Whichever style you like, make sure your photographer knows it and find someone who shoots like that. Many professional photographers cannot change their method of working just because you request them to, so make this clear during the discussion before you sign the contract.

Discuss things!

It doesn’t end at finding the right photographer for your wedding. You need to sit down and talk about the possible problems that can happen and flaws in your itinerary. Your photographer in York might know better about when or why some things have to happen in certain ways. He’s seen more successful and less-than-successful ones than you; it’ll be wise to consider their opinions!

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Preparation of a Wedding Photographer Lincoln

wedding photographer LincolnWhat does a wedding photographer Lincoln need to prepare? There are many things you need to be responsible for and clients often do not think much about how they are relying on their photographer on many things. Unconsciously, they expect you to be good at everything related to wedding photography. Sometimes, even including preparing the wedding album.

There are many things, but let’s begin with preparing yourself.

Days before a wedding photography job, make sure that you are not tiring yourself up. The job will take up a daytime and you will be demanded to be actively taking pictures throughout the day. Your clients want as many pictures as possible and as diverse as possible. You also have to mentally prepare yourself to keep an eye out throughout the day.

Then, you have to prepare your equipment. What are the cameras that you will bring? Make sure to have a spare camera with it! Check the battery and charge them full the day before. Check again tomorrow morning to make sure it won’t just run for 30 minutes. Bringing spare batteries are advised if you have worked with the same camera for years.

Empty the memory card to prepare for the incoming surge of pictures. Do not skim and delete pictures while moving. Do that during your break or better, when you got home. Bring spare memory cards just in case your current one is corrupted or full.

Prepare your clients as well, according to Symply Photography. Before the wedding day, it is a good thing to attend their rehearsal if you are invited to come. Discuss with them what you have planned and how you will be taking their pictures by rehearsing it. This will help them feel more confident on their wedding day. Interesting to know that not ever wedding photographer Lincoln is willing to!

In the morning of their wedding day, brief them on your plan. Of course, this should be something that has their itinerary considered. Arriving early is, therefore, very recommended. It helps them feel ready and prepared for their big day and you can scout the location one more time as well. You can even get snap some early morning picture of the place!

When you scout the location, you want to know where are the best spots to get the pictures during the certain moment. This is not easy because you have guests to expect. They could be blocking your line of view or maybe they have last minute changes. That is why, during the rehearsal, do not hesitate to discuss this.

On the wedding day, prepare your equipment there when you arrive early. Unless there are changes, you know where to place your lighting equipment and where to go on certain parts of the event. Remember to also have emergency plans prepared.

Once everything is in place, it’s time to work! Stick to the plan unless something happens that forces you to change it, such as the weather. When that happens, proceed to the emergency plans that you have prepared. If you follow this preparation guide, you will not go wrong as a wedding photographer Lincoln.

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Wedding Photographer Dundee: Shooting in Bright Daylight and Darkness

wedding photographer DundeeThe challenges that you have to deal with light alone are many. Light is the most essential factor in capturing pictures. Without light, you can’t see anything as your lens have to capture light to show the image on the screen. Too much light and the sensor can go awry, unable to balance the image on the picture due to the excessive light it’s taking in.

As a wedding photographer Dundee, you might have been faced with situations where you have to take pictures in bright daylight with the sun shining against everything white, like the wedding dress. You also take pictures in the reception room during the dance hour, and the room is too dark for the picture to capture things without being blurry.

Something to light the place up

If the location is too dark to take pictures, make sure that you have the right equipment to flash the place when you are taking pictures. Get a flash kit and a speedlight for the occasion. Learn about timing the kit as well as how far they can work if wireless.

Practice with them to see the effect that they produce. There are times when photographers think that it will work, but the result did not turn out as they have expected it. It’s not just a bummer to your client, but you are wasting time when you could have taken other pictures.

Something to block the light

If it’s too bright, find something to block the sunlight. It could be by taking the pictures against a wall. You can also use an umbrella to prevent the light from creating a horrible shadow on the face of the couple. We learned from a professional wedding photographer Dundee, Angus Forbes Photography, that you can use the groom’s body if he’s taller, to block the sunlight as well.

One more thing that you need to pay attention to is that during the ceremony or reception that takes place outdoors during the day, you don’t need the whole area to be covered. In order for your camera to be able to receive the image properly, you just need to shoot from the right angle. Don’t aim it towards the sun or use a hood to block it.

Adjust to the situation

Just because it’s too dark, doesn’t mean you have to light up the whole place. Play along with the darkness around you and capture something different for the couple. Practice the shots a few times until you can get it perfect before you try it with your clients. Another thing you can try is to do light painting photography.

Many couples love light painting photography because of how colorful it gets. It also looks like the pictures have been edited, but it’s only a simple camera trick!

Your camera might not be able to automatically take in so much light and starts to darken everything else. Stay out of taking a picture with the sun in front of you. Use reflectors to replace the shadow that may be cast on the couple’s face. Choose your reflector wisely to make them look natural. If you can practice this right, you will be able to become a better wedding photographer Dundee.

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4 Healthy Advice when Setting Up a Photography Site

wordpress support for photographersEvery photographer needs a running site that will help them do the marketing and show the contact address when they are unable to. But to keep it running 24/7 is a challenge as you will need WordPress support for photographers to do that! And here, we’ll talk more than just telling you to get a support team for the job.

1. Know what you’ll upload

What is this site going to be about? What will be in there? Consider all these things when you set up your photography website. If it’s for your job, you want clients to come there and feel attracted or interested to know more about your work. Your homepage has to explain your service and why you are special, but not in 5 paragraphs like an essay for a university.

Also, a photography website will definitely be filled with a lot of pictures. That means a lot of media files will be uploaded to the site and they will take a lot of storage space. That also mean you need to manage the files sometime in the future, sooner or later, although sooner is always better.

2. Get a reliable support

There are many people offering supports out there, but the reliable ones are only those with experience and experts in it. You have to be careful to not let just any amateur to handle the site and ruins it! We recommend that you get the service from WordPress support for photographers is essential for your career to reach out to as many people as possible.

When you choose your support, make sure that the support team is a bunch of people that really know what they are doing. For example, they should stick to their schedule to maintain your site regularly, confirm to update the plugins, software or anything related to it, etc.

3. Make regular updates

As a photographer with a site, the only way that your followers can keep track of you is through your regular updates. It could be easily done on your social media account, but don’t forget that you have a running site, the only place actual clients will pop up and scroll through posts to get to know more about you. They won’t know much from a post of 6 months old.

Update it with your latest work whose clients agree to share their pictures with. Make sure that you upload enough pictures for people to enjoy and arrange them in a way that is easy to navigate it.

4. It’s part of your career

Owning a site is part of your career as a photographer. If you want people to know you and be able to contact you at all times, it has to be up and running all the time. Not to mention that Google’s system takes it seriously to have a site that is active, healthy and has a quick load speed. You need a reliable WordPress support for photographers and also know a thing or two about it.

Learning more about it isn’t really weird for a photographer that is serious about expanding himself!

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Wedding Photography: About Camera Equipment

wedding photography YorkshireWhat is the best camera for wedding photography Yorkshire? We know that many people ask this question, hoping for a direct answer with a concise explanation. But the reality isn’t that simple because there is not one right camera.

There are some requirements for a camera to be suitable to take wedding pictures and we’d like to explain those to you. We will also include some tools that you will absolutely need for your job.


For the camera, some of the best models would be Canon Mark III or Nikon D800 series. These cameras produce some crispy pictures that would satisfy any photographer if done right. They also don’t cost too much considering the models above them. If you want to get a higher series, we won’t hold you back. If you can afford them, why not?

What you really need to find out would be the drawbacks of the camera. Every company is always happy to tell you about the great things, not the bad things, of their product. For example, a new Canon Mark model lacks the ability to operate in mute mode. The shutter sound is loud and clear.

Prime and zoom lens

Trying to decide which one is better would be like comparing oranges to apples. Each of them is good in their own ways, which means you need to have one of each. Depending on the situation, you have to adjust your use. The prime lens is typically best when you are shooting formal poses. You already know the range of your subjects and are allowed to take your time to adjust your position.

Zoom lenses, on the other hand, is a more versatile choice in a party. In the middle of an environment where things change real fast, you don’t always have the time to walk close to the object. You can see some examples of wedding photography Yorkshire at

This means you can have one zoom lens, but preferably at least two prime lenses. In practicality, you will be needing more lenses depending on how you work. Each photographer has something they are comfortable working with, so we won’t decide what you should buy.

Reliable bag

A photography bag is a must. It has to store your cameras, lenses, batteries, charger and memory cards. It also has to be durable and protect your equipment from bumping because a small scratch on your lens or camera’s lens means the end of them.

Tripod and flash

Don’t forget the tripod and be sure to check its condition before bringing it. It has to be strong and firm, keeping the camera at its place and is not easily blown or moved.

The flash equipment can differ from one photographer to another. There are some who prefer to work with minimal equipment because the rest can be edited. There are others who come with extra lighting equipment when it’s dark. We also cannot decide which one is yours, but we do recommend you to work with minimal equipment.

For the guests to be comfortable, you cannot carry a lot of things as it’ll distract them. Yet, extra lighting will really help when you have to do wedding photography Yorkshire when it’s totally dark.

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Should a Wedding Photographer Come to Wedding Rehearsals?

Hertfordshire wedding photographerWe have seen a Hertfordshire wedding photographer asking whether there is a significant benefit in attending the rehearsals of the weddings they work on. For those who have worked with wedding parties for decades, attending a rehearsal seems redundant. Others have their own personal opinions and, truth to be told, you can never tell if one is professional just from whether he goes to rehearsals or not.

But we are ready to help you understand better how it is a good thing for you and we’ll leave the decision to you.

What a rehearsal means

For the clients, the rehearsal is the calm before the storm. They laugh and have fun with everyone as they try to get everything right before the wedding day. The learn where to go, where to stand, how they should act and stuffs during the ceremony. It’s important, but it’s partly having fun with friends and family for the happy occasion.

For you, it could mean practicing shooting at the venue for the first time. It can also mean testing the various poses you have in mind with the clients. It’s also the chance to get to know with people that attend the rehearsal, who knows your future potential clients would be there.

How it’s good

A wedding rehearsal is truly the time where you and your client can truly be prepared right before the day. Your client will be nervous, it’s undoubtedly the truth every time. You, as the photographer and an experienced vendor in dealing closely with couples, will be able to help them know where they should stand and where to look at. Dispelling their nervousness is part of your job that is not officially stated in the contract.

You should also check out who is also a Hertfordshire wedding photographer. Many of those pictures on the gallery were taken after careful considerations during the rehearsal. The photographer was obviously careful to test them out first and perfect it on an actual day.

Show respect

If your client has officially invited you, it’s only respected to accept the invitation if you can. This is a way to show that you care and appreciate the client’s effort. It’s not like you won’t get anything at all by attending this rehearsal. Simply showing up will give an image that you care about the wedding.


How else will you get to have a wide network if you don’t attend gatherings like this? A wedding rehearsal is one of those time where the atmosphere is not too formal and you can meet a lot of people. There’s no doubt that a potential client could be there and you can immediately perform in front of them.

It’s also a chance to get closer to the family members, the people that will be involved in the wedding as well. You will be a Hertfordshire wedding photographer that has to take a lot of their pictures, too and it will work best if these people know you. In fact, if they are familiar with you, you can feel their expressions looking more natural around your camera.

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How a Photographer Can Protect His Business

Greenwich wedding photographerA professional photographer is constantly in the face of threat. Those are threats that constantly want your business dead or to run out. Sometimes, unfortunate accidents peek and gash by you.

There are many instances that could bring a lot of damage and loss to a Greenwich wedding photographer. Like a tornado, for example. Or an opportunistic thief. You never know! How are supposed to protect yourself from so many incoming threats?

Threat from competitors

There’s nothing in this world that lacks competitors. In the world of photography, there’s always someone popping up offering his services as the new professional photographer. The thing with this business is that no one can ever offer the same thing. Photography is part of art and art depends on the creativity and influence of the artist.

But, there are other factors, such as experience and professionalism, that you can compare. Making your clients see why you are the better choice in those terms is important. It will also do you good to explain a bit about what makes an experienced photographer better, for example.

Threat of natural disasters

What if nature decided to throw a little tantrum and it just so happened that a tree hit your rooftop hard? That means your studio is going to be out of service for quite a while. During that time, not only do you need to repair, you also have to rent a separate space to allow consultation and work to continue.

This is the site of a professional Greenwich wedding photographer who took precaution against this: A natural disaster isn’t something you can predict, but you know can happen one day to you. Business Owner’s Policy helps protect the business from such occurrences. It’ll cover the fee to repair and even to rent a new place to continue the business momentarily!

Occupational hazard

At other times, you are faced with clients that never intended to end the relationship well. There’s always something that they want to sue you about. Or something to make sure that you look like the bad guy.

Professional indemnity insurance cover the legal fee when you have to end up in a court because of them. Alternatively, you can create a flawless contract that won’t allow the client to sue you unfavorably or set up a different agreement in a case that unsatisfactory result is found.


What can we say, there are always people lurking in weddings they were never invited to. They seek out opportunities to grab whatever is worthy of selling back on eBay or Amazon. We’re all responsible for our own belongings, yet, it’s not something that your client will not like to be entertained when they know you lost your camera!

The case of how you will compensate your client depends on how many pictures you’ve lost and how many you can still shoot with your backup. However, aside from that, with a good insurance, you can replace your camera with its new price to get a new one. As long as you remember as the Greenwich wedding photographer to update the list whenever you get a new equipment, you’ll be able to claim for it.

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Be a Communicable Photographer

photographer in YorkAs a photographer in York, the most important quality that you need to have is to become a photographer that people can easily talk to. It’s important to allow people express their concern and may even be the winning point for them to hire you!

The things that you say on your first meeting will, of course, determine a lot. You need to be able to appear very interested in your clients, show professionalism and ability to provide them the service they need, and finally, help them with preparing their wedding day.

For every first-time client

There’s no telling how many people ask to have a consultation with you and how many of them actually turn out to be your clients. However, your first impression is going to play a lot of roles in their mind in judging about you. A smile is, of course, the first thing you need to remember giving.

Show your confidence and shake their hands firmly. However, do not flip your hand to the upper side when you shake your hands. Allow them to be slightly downward, giving the impression that you’re allowing your clients more freedom and superiority.

What you know about them

Learn everything you can from the emails and use them in your conversation. You can briefly take a look at their messages and start the conversation with, “So, you said that your wedding is going to be in Spring. That’s great! How can I help with that?”. It’ll quickly melt the awkwardness and kick-start the conversation.

Less about price

It’s best that you talk as less as possible about price. Some clients hired a photographer in York from were hesitant at first. They didn’t know if the price they’re paying is going to be worth it with so many cheaper options.

However, the ability to emphasize the importance of their wedding pictures and also why you’re professional and people are satisfied changed their mind. In wedding photography, subjectivity plays the biggest role in our brain. If you can convince that their wedding pictures are going to be great and the price is nothing compared to its value for the next 50 years, you’re doing great.

Offer friendly help

Don’t hesitate to offer your help aside from wedding photography. While it’s not your job, small help like which vendor to use and wedding plan pit holes to avoid can really win their heart. They will also appreciate the help of someone that is experienced in the field.

These couples have never prepared for a wedding photography, so becoming their guide is a big help. You’ll also score big points if you make it to their rehearsal to help them prepare for the pictures. You can also warm-up before the wedding day if it’s somewhere you haven’t worked in before.

Keep in touch

Throughout the years and months, keep in touch with your clients. The plan is probably still one year away, but it won’t hurt to send them quick guides on everything about the wedding. It’ll indirectly tell them that you’re still here and also assure them that you care about their wedding.

As a photographer in York, communication skills are indispensable elements that you need to foster.

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How to Become a Professional Wedding Photographer Dundee

wedding photographer DundeeBecoming a wedding photographer is a huge decision. It means you’re ready to settle and serve clients for a full day, edit pictures, and prepare to deliver your best for every job. It’s even more important to note so because no wedding happens for the second time; each client will only hope and want the best.

Yet, how should one begin his journey to become a professional wedding photographer Dundee?

Search for experience

The first thing you need is to understand the taste of becoming a wedding photographer. You will want to look for good photographers that you can look up to learn from. Start with someone you like and apply as an assistant. Learn as many things as you can.

When you’re about to start your own business, you can show your clients that you are not oblivious or a complete beginner. You have to show them that you know what you’re doing and this experience can become a proof of it.

Another way to gain experience is to shoot a friend’s or relative’s wedding as a second shooter. You can train for full-time and use the results as your portfolio is the couple allows you to.

Make yourself available

The next step is to it easier for people to find you and talk to you. In other words, you have to make yourself available in various ways. To put it bluntly, you need to create a lot of social media accounts and set up your own website. A wedding photographer Dundee you can take for an example is

Put up email, links to all your social media accounts and your phone number if you wish. Be sure to check your inbox frequently and answer each mail personally. It may become tedious as most customers ask the same question. That is why you should write up an FAQ section from clients to read before asking the same question again.

Prepare and backup

Before your first job, be sure that you prepare yourself. This means you check the venue before the wedding day and make sure you’re going to use the right camera setting. Prepare yourself to work for the day and take pictures along the way.

Back up your equipment, such as having an extra camera, battery and memory card in your bag. You never know if problems will come at your first time working and you can’t let that ruin this first step. For a beginner, having proper preparation and backup is very important.

Talk to clients

Don’t forget that you’re dealing with your own actual clients. Building rapport is part of your job now. And that means you have to be heavily engaged in conversation, listen, reply and ask questions as feedback. This is all part of helping you bringing a better service for them and make the job more enjoyable.

It’s not something that comes by easily. Some people find it hard to suddenly have a lengthy conversation with someone they are not familiar with. It will even come out as awkward from their side, but that can’t be helped. Some precious information can only be gained when you’re close to them and such will help a wedding photographer Dundee to figure out what clients really want.

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Get Crazy with Your Photo Booth!

photo booth hireThe photo booth is simply the best idea next to the event to just make things fun and more memorable. But it there’s more you can do with it to really create something that people would love to enjoy, would not try it?

The usual photo booth hire contains a camera and sometimes a box. Most booths today include editing tools that allow you to add themes, stickers and cute frames on the pictures. All for the sake of fun and spreading the happiness. But there’s a better way to make this photo booth hire uniquely your event!

Decorate it!

You’re probably planning to have a photo booth placed at your wedding venue. While the guests are hanging around, the booth will be opened to those who arrived first and have some pictures taken. But it won’t be fun if the background is the same as just like when a different wedding takes place at the same place.

So, decorate the booth! You have the liberty to take a different spot in the wedding venue to have pictures taken. Create some frames or banners that are unique to the wedding. You can also add some of your own props so that guests don’t have to keep using the same props over and over again.

Create your own space

Another way is to create your own booth. All you rent is the camera and printing service, but you’ll find the space to have the pictures taken. For example, a well-decorated interior of a minivan. With, this is very possible as they provide a high-end camera for photo booth hire which can be moved anywhere.

You can go creative and change the seats into facing the camera with enough space in it. This takes time, so you’d want to plan it early if you’re not used to making these kinds of stuff. This might also inspire you to create a different personal space, such as a temporary room or using another kind of small spaces as the booth.

What you should do with the pictures

Don’t just let the guests take the pictures home! Have them take some to be left for you to see and you can provide a separate book for them. Call it anything you want; crazy-time book, formal guestbook, great-time book. Make it really uniquely you and this will become another memory to keep for the rest of your life.

You can also connect the pictures taken to the slideshow inside the hall. Guests who are finished having pictures taken and simply waiting inside can be entertained with it. It’s easy to keep them busy this way and you also don’t have to worry much.

The point is to take as many benefits as you can with your photo booth hire. It’s a one in a lifetime experience if it’s a wedding party and you don’t want to miss this. If it’s a different event, it can become a great mean to market yourself without having to try too hard. Entertained and happy guests will do it on their own!

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Tricks for Successful Rainy Wedding Photography

York wedding photographerThat glooming dark clouds threaten you and the couples that it’s going to pour really badly. Really, does it have to happen now, on this day? Well, it’s not like rain is a rare occasion. We don’t get to choose what kind of weather we’re going to work with. It’s time to realize that as a professional York wedding photographer, you need to learn how to tackle rainy wedding.

If only we could change the weather… Well, onto 4 things you can do in rainy wedding photography.

It’s dark, so light things up

It’s time to get your expensive lighting equipment out! You definitely did not buy them for the show, right? It’s during this kind of time they will show their usefulness. Now, dark clouds tend to threaten by leaving a lot of shadows around your client. So, use a flash to light the front side of things.

Use another speedlight to brighten things up from behind. Remember to use flash according to how dark it was. If it was still okay, use a diffuser, if not, remove it and flash the upper part, so it won’t fall too roughly on your clients.

Do some indoor pictures

If it’s pouring too hard, you can spend your time taking more pictures indoor as you wait for it to settle down. Rather than wasting too many time waiting, just focus on getting more pictures done and make use of the gloomy, rainy look outside the window.

Silhouette pictures

It’s not easy to find the right moment to do silhouette pictures, but the rainy weather makes it easier to do one. You can do this by putting a light on the pair and let them block the light. You will get a strong silhouette of the two of them.

Check out some of this amazing York wedding photographer work on rainy wedding pictures on She definitely did not let that preventing her from taking some seriously romantic and gorgeous wedding pictures!

Get some umbrellas!

Rain means umbrella, and that also means a reason to get a prop! Sometimes, using a prop during wedding photography can be weird, especially if the couple doesn’t exactly have a particular hobby. But this gives you the chance to use an umbrella under the rain.

When you purchase umbrellas, make sure they are attractive, but not overly fancy. They have to be plain, but still nicely complement the romantic atmosphere between the coupe. Most of the time, a transparent white bubble umbrella does great. But don’t let that stop you from being creative.

Don’t just use the umbrella to block the rain. There are so many things an umbrella can do, such as blocking the view, turning it into something to swing around or even, in a more interesting way, something to be thrown off because the couple is getting serious midway (within the script, of course).

Welcome the rain!

Don’t grumble but welcome the rain. It’s not often you get the chance to test yourself and prove to be capable to shoot in any weather. As a York wedding photographer, learn to tackle this one most common problem in wedding parties with our 4 tips!

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Leave it to the Professional Peterborough Wedding Photographer

Peterborough wedding photographerDid someone you came to you and ask if you want him to help you with your wedding pictures? It must be tempting to think about how much money you could save if you accept that offer. Alas, everything comes with a price and we are here to prevent you from paying for something irreversible.

Hiring a professional Peterborough wedding photographer vs. Letting your hobbyist acquaintance do the job, which one is better?


Okay, so obviously, price-wise, letting your acquaintance do it for free will save you a lot of money. You may want to note that you still have to pay, possibly more, to print your wedding album out. Since most photographers are offered a lower price when they partner with the printing company, they will be able to bundle it together with the wedding photography on a cheaper price.

This is the biggest factor that causes people to resort to their friends or relatives who were enthusiastic about the job but had no experience nor the knowledge about wedding photography.


People say we cannot judge someone’s skill from his experience and that is true. There’s no saying that a guy who’s done photography for 15 years can take better pictures than the guy who did it for 5 years. It depends on their skills and ultimately, their innate ability in having the eye of a Peterborough wedding photographer.

What about wedding photography then?

Of course, the same rule can be applied, but simply to the ability to take the pictures. Amateurs and beginners can’t compare to the experienced photographer who was properly trained to capture pictures. It’s worth noting that these people achieved their current skills after going through a series of training, research, as well as experiencing it themselves.

Experience, being the best teacher, does not exist in amateurs who took pictures for fun. They didn’t have to face problems. So, imagine if suddenly, your wedding faces a problem in photography, such as the guy being unable to come. What will you do?


In the case, like I just mentioned, a professional Peterborough wedding photographer like, have established connections with many other photographers throughout the country. So, in the case that they are unable to attend due to medical or personal reasons, you can be assured that there will be someone with similar skills and experience to replace them.

This type of guarantee does not exist with your free photographer. You can’t even demand anything and just wish that he does not mess up and will show up at your wedding party.


There’s no telling how far your friendly free wedding photographer will go. He might show up early in the morning to take some dress-up pictures. He might or might not remember to take some group pictures. And then, he might remember to position himself to take some pictures of the first dance.

Well, with your Peterborough wedding photographer, you are guaranteed to have complete coverage of your wedding. You can even sue and claim if you find your wedding pictures unsatisfactory or lack essential moment of your wedding.

This is just to cover the main differences that a professional wedding photographer can do against your uncle Sam. There are much more benefits you can enjoy if you pay more attention to your wedding pictures and the value it bears.

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