4 Healthy Advice when Setting Up a Photography Site

wordpress support for photographersEvery photographer needs a running site that will help them do the marketing and show the contact address when they are unable to. But to keep it running 24/7 is a challenge as you will need WordPress support for photographers to do that! And here, we’ll talk more than just telling you to get a support team for the job.

1. Know what you’ll upload

What is this site going to be about? What will be in there? Consider all these things when you set up your photography website. If it’s for your job, you want clients to come there and feel attracted or interested to know more about your work. Your homepage has to explain your service and why you are special, but not in 5 paragraphs like an essay for a university.

Also, a photography website will definitely be filled with a lot of pictures. That means a lot of media files will be uploaded to the site and they will take a lot of storage space. That also mean you need to manage the files sometime in the future, sooner or later, although sooner is always better.

2. Get a reliable support

There are many people offering supports out there, but the reliable ones are only those with experience and experts in it. You have to be careful to not let just any amateur to handle the site and ruins it! We recommend that you get the service from https://myphotocto.com. WordPress support for photographers is essential for your career to reach out to as many people as possible.

When you choose your support, make sure that the support team is a bunch of people that really know what they are doing. For example, they should stick to their schedule to maintain your site regularly, confirm to update the plugins, software or anything related to it, etc.

3. Make regular updates

As a photographer with a site, the only way that your followers can keep track of you is through your regular updates. It could be easily done on your social media account, but don’t forget that you have a running site, the only place actual clients will pop up and scroll through posts to get to know more about you. They won’t know much from a post of 6 months old.

Update it with your latest work whose clients agree to share their pictures with. Make sure that you upload enough pictures for people to enjoy and arrange them in a way that is easy to navigate it.

4. It’s part of your career

Owning a site is part of your career as a photographer. If you want people to know you and be able to contact you at all times, it has to be up and running all the time. Not to mention that Google’s system takes it seriously to have a site that is active, healthy and has a quick load speed. You need a reliable WordPress support for photographers and also know a thing or two about it.

Learning more about it isn’t really weird for a photographer that is serious about expanding himself!

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