Get Crazy with Your Photo Booth!

photo booth hireThe photo booth is simply the best idea next to the event to just make things fun and more memorable. But it there’s more you can do with it to really create something that people would love to enjoy, would not try it?

The usual photo booth hire contains a camera and sometimes a box. Most booths today include editing tools that allow you to add themes, stickers and cute frames on the pictures. All for the sake of fun and spreading the happiness. But there’s a better way to make this photo booth hire uniquely your event!

Decorate it!

You’re probably planning to have a photo booth placed at your wedding venue. While the guests are hanging around, the booth will be opened to those who arrived first and have some pictures taken. But it won’t be fun if the background is the same as just like when a different wedding takes place at the same place.

So, decorate the booth! You have the liberty to take a different spot in the wedding venue to have pictures taken. Create some frames or banners that are unique to the wedding. You can also add some of your own props so that guests don’t have to keep using the same props over and over again.

Create your own space

Another way is to create your own booth. All you rent is the camera and printing service, but you’ll find the space to have the pictures taken. For example, a well-decorated interior of a minivan. With, this is very possible as they provide a high-end camera for photo booth hire which can be moved anywhere.

You can go creative and change the seats into facing the camera with enough space in it. This takes time, so you’d want to plan it early if you’re not used to making these kinds of stuff. This might also inspire you to create a different personal space, such as a temporary room or using another kind of small spaces as the booth.

What you should do with the pictures

Don’t just let the guests take the pictures home! Have them take some to be left for you to see and you can provide a separate book for them. Call it anything you want; crazy-time book, formal guestbook, great-time book. Make it really uniquely you and this will become another memory to keep for the rest of your life.

You can also connect the pictures taken to the slideshow inside the hall. Guests who are finished having pictures taken and simply waiting inside can be entertained with it. It’s easy to keep them busy this way and you also don’t have to worry much.

The point is to take as many benefits as you can with your photo booth hire. It’s a one in a lifetime experience if it’s a wedding party and you don’t want to miss this. If it’s a different event, it can become a great mean to market yourself without having to try too hard. Entertained and happy guests will do it on their own!

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