Wedding Photography Info You Will Need

wedding dressWedding dress

One of the main challenges that photographers encounter in wedding photography is the dulling or the graying of the wedding dress. You see, wedding dresses in general are white. That has always been the case and you can partly blame tradition for it. The thing is, bridal dresses have always been all white. Up until this day, brides left and right will still prefer to go for the dress that is in all white. The reason why this is an issue is because of the fact that the camera tends to compensate for the white dress because the light meter of the camera does not identify it as just so.

The light meter of the camera tends to recognize the bridal dress as a big bright spot that should be “fixed” in order for the rest of the picture to be saved. The best way for you to be able to compensate for this at some point would be for you to more or less dial in some positive exposure compensation. This way, the bridal dress will be able to come off as brilliantly white as it really is in real life. You will not only save the picture from dulling out, you will also pretty much save the dress overall. The bride will forever thank you for it.

Second camera body

You may think otherwise and the rest of the so-called wedding photography practitioners out there may also think otherwise but at the end of the day, a second camera body is something that you will absolutely need. You have to understand that not only will you have some sort of insurance for when something happens to your main camera at some point, you will also have a second camera to mount your other lenses to. You will be able to switch in between cameras other than having to mount and dismount the lenses every now and then. It will save you an awful lot of time as well as an awful lot of trouble as well.

You cannot afford to fail and you cannot afford not to have a backup for when something happens to your main camera and that is why a second camera body is absolutely necessary in making sure that you coverage will eventually be a success. This may not be the cheapest solution out there and this may be an issue because you may be a little bit strapped for cash since you are just starting out but there are other possible solutions to your predicament. You can rent out a second camera or you can borrow one from a friend who also happens to be a photographer.

Second shooter

You will also need a second shooter when it comes to wedding photography coverage.One cheap (and technically free) way for you to be able to do this would be to send an email blast out to the rest of the other new wedding photographers out there offering them your services. Like you, they are also probably struggling as well with regards to finding their own second shooter. You can offer them tit for tat.

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The Right Business Mindset In Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsInvest in a great photography workshop or course that will let you upgrade your craft and help you improve in it.

If there is one thing that would be the best place for you to invest in, it would have to be in your skills and in yourself. It is not something that comes cheap though so you need to make sure that you get the best value for your money since you will be spending a lot of it with a return of investment that might take a considerable amount of time. Research the best kinds of photography courses out there and look up the teachers who will be initiating the courses as well. You will need to find something that suits your particular style of photography as well as your preferences as well. You will need to look into the kind of schedule that is being offered out as well. Make sure that it is something that you can commit to before you spend anything on it. Make sure that it is something that you will be able to follow through on until the very end.

Find a mentor who inspires you and whose work you admire the most as well.

It is important for you to make sure that you are able to keep the creative juices running and free flowing and you will only be able to do that if you have a constant source for it. Look for professionals like Mallorca wedding photographers who are extremely passionate with what they do. You will need to look for someone who will be able to make time for you for at least once a month. If you cannot find one who will be able to mentor you in person, at least research one who blogs constantly and who you can follow on a more periodical basis.

Get as much experience as you possibly can.

Do not be picky with the little photography jobs that you get on the side, even if they are not exactly about wedding photography – as long as they can teach you something that is related to photography at some point.  Be flexible when it comes to the things that you are being offered of. Every single leg of photography has something to offer you as well so far. You have to understand that when it comes to things like these, you have to start somewhere and you cannot always start at the top.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you and who support you in your dreams.

You will get to encounter negativities along the way. You will have friends and members of your family who may not look too kindly at your pursuing your dreams. They will think that there always something better for you out there. You need to constantly feed your fuel for your dreams and you also need to make sure that you are able to keep yourself constantly inspired at all times. Surrounding yourself with people who are like you and who share your ideals will definitely give you that extra bit of oomph when you are reaching for your dreams.

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Wedding Photography Strategies You Can Apply

wedding photographyYou know what those shoes aficionados are talking about when they say that a great pair of shoes can really save the day? This is always near the truth more than ever when it comes to the world of wedding photography. What a lot of newcomers to the scene do not know and do not understand is the fact that as a shropshire wedding photographer, they will end up doing a lot of walking and moving around during the wedding event. This is not the friendliest way to go for your feet especially if you did not invest in really great and comfortable shoes in the process. Keep those in mind the next time that you have a wedding photography gig coming up. It may be really tempting to reach out for those killer high heels or for those feet choking brogues but at the end of the day, and even in the succeeding days, your feet will end up killing you for it.

Be quick and alert

Think on your feet when it comes to friends or family members who may end up being nuances in your photo shoot sessions. There will always be someone out there who will try to undermine you as the photographer. They will try to take control of which people get to get in or get out of the frames or whose turn it is to get photographed. They will try to tell people how to pose and where the best spots are for people to pose or maybe step right in front of you and try to take photos themselves. You should not allow these people to take control of your photo shoot. You are the official wedding photographer. You should be holding the reins. Tell them off in such a way that is firm and dismissive yet at the same time fairly friendly and polite as well. This can be a challenge if semantics is really not your strength. Thank them for their input. Let them know that you will definitely keep that in mind. Let them know as well that you got the situation under control and if they could kindly step back so that you can go ahead and take your shots.

Have a serious talk with the bride

Discuss all of the details related to wedding photography as much as you possibly can. Make it to such a point wherein you have everything in black and white and there is very little room left for doubt or discussion. Talk to them if there are any family traditions that they would like to carry through with on the day of the wedding. This is important. You need to make sure that you are in the loop as much as possible so that you more or less know how to manage yourself when those moments come and you will be able to deliver exactly what they are asking for. You need to make sure that open lines of communication are maintained and you need to make sure that you are aware of everything that they would like to do or get done.

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Strategies a Wedding Photographer Should Try

wedding photography tipsA wedding photographer should seriously get acquainted with positive exposure compensation. Let us get things straight once and for all. Wedding dresses are usually white. That has been the tradition for the past one hundred years or so and guess what, it looks like it is a tradition that will stay the same at some point. The reason why this can be an issue for you as the wedding photographer is because of the fact that the camera will not identify the dress as something that just has a lot of white. The camera will think that it is a giant bright spot that needs to be subdued one way or the other. It will automatically try to make up for it in an attempt to what it thinks will save the photo from the big bright spot.

This will have the wedding dress end up looking dull and somewhat gray. Brides spend hundreds and sometimes up to thousands of dollars in their wedding dresses and they will not appreciate it at all if you bring them pictures with their dress looking gray. Save the day by dialing in some positive exposure compensation and save yourself the disappointment and the disapproval.

You need a second body camera, no discussions or arguments needed.

Weddings can really drag on for hours and hours on end and as the official wedding photographer, you need to be there enough to really get to document it. Having something happen to your main camera is no excuse to stopping the coverage and to missing out some of the most important moments of the bride and groom’s lives; at least that is what they think. They will not accept something on the lines of “I’m sorry but my camera crashed”. Having a second body camera will serve as your insurance and will really get to save the day for you in the event that your main camera breaks down in the middle of a shoot.

Bring a second wedding photographer with you when you are covering the event.

Most of the new wedding photographers out there will probably think that this is something that they can skip out on in some cases and that is actually possible. Consider the size of the Lake como wedding and the number of guests attending and make your decisions from there. Huge weddings require a lot of ground work to be covered and it may not be possible if you are the only one working the reins. You will not only be able to focus more on your priority shots, you are also guaranteed that you at least already have a backup camera set in place in the event that you do not have one yet. If you think that this is something that you cannot really afford just yet, you do not have to hire someone out on a full time basis. You can make it on a per event basis.

That way, you do not have to pay anyone if you do not have any gigs. It really helps when you have an extra hand around. More than that, you will also have someone manning other things such as the carrying around of the equipment, if you will be able to weasel in that kind of deal one way or the other. It will make your life so much easier.

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Wedding Photography Gear: A Check List of Equipment Every Wedding Photographer Needs

wedding photography gearStarting out in the niche industry of wedding photography is something challenging, at the very least. There are a lot of things that you would need to consider before you jump right on it and do things all the way. Wedding photography is extremely lucrative and you are almost always guaranteed to have a client base that does not run out. It is the perfect business model when you really come to think about it. Being new and all, you are probably losing your wits right now about where you are supposed to start.

There are technically a few basics so you do not even have to worry about it. However, it takes some smart kind of planning in order for you to be able to pack strategically and in order for you to have everything that you can possibly need without ever packing too much and coming off looking like a pack rat.

Main and Backup Cameras

The most important part of your gear is your camera, of course. Well, that and your second body camera which will serve as your backup. If you strip it down to the barest of necessities, two camera bodies will do but technically speaking, it should be best if you go with three considering that you should supposedly have a second shooter, but that is a discussion for a different day.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with photography equipment especially during hectic events like weddings that have something to do with really huge crowds at some point. Think of it as your sense of insurance for when things do not necessarily work out with your main camera. You will pat yourself on the back the moment your camera breaks down mid shoot and you have a spare one to help you pick up where you left off. Professionals like this kent wedding photographer always bring backup cameras.


You need to invest in several lenses but technically speaking; you can start off with three lenses: a medium zoom lens, a telephoto lens, and a wide angle lens. A medium zoom lens is one of the most versatile lenses that you can ever get your hands on and it has wide aperture that will let you shoot in areas that have limited lighting. A telephoto lens will let you capture photos from a distance and this comes in handy when you have to be at the back such as during the actual ceremony and the like. Lastly, the wide angle lens will help you capture the group photos so that you will not encounter any issues in fitting all people in the frame despite of huge numbers.

Batteries and Memory cards

You will also need the most basic of accessories. You need at least two extra camera batteries per camera as well as about 60 GB worth of memory space so do not neglect your memory card shopping. You might also benefit from a tripod and some lighting fixtures for when you are shooting extended photo shoots and for when you are filming in an area that has tricky lighting.

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How To Start A Blog As A Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerIf you are a wedding photographer surrey who is basically just starting out, one of the very first things that you should seriously work on is making sure that you are able to create a blog at some point. You need something that you can post your works on. You need to make sure that your posts are completely optimized. What this means is that you will need to start writing. This may not be the easiest thing to do especially if you do not exactly peg yourself as a writer but it is something that you are going to have to do by all means so you might as well go about it and start doing it. Let us put you in a bit of a scenario here. So you just started finishing up on a wedding you have recently just covered.

First and foremost, the very first thing that you would need to do is understand the fact that the blog posts are for your future clients, not the current or former ones that you have just covered the events for. A blog is one of the most important marketing platforms that you can ever get your hands on. It will help you land potential clients in the future and we all know that that is something that is always great for business.

Make sure that you get the title formula down pat.

It is pretty easy to figure out but believe it or not, it is something that most wedding photographers get wrong especially if it is just their first rodeo. So how do you go about it then? It is actually quite simple, really. You start with the first names of the groom and of the bride. You proceed with the actual name of the venue. And the next and last step would be for you to include the actual location. Again, just to give you a bit of a slightly more visual attempt at the formula, it goes like this: groom’s name + bride’s name + name of the venue + name of the city. Here is a great example: Jack and Jillian’s Wedding at Brick Well Hotel, Nashville. You get the gist. This is more of for SEO purposes more than anything else, really. It will help people who run Google searches get redirected to your blog.

Again, if you hate something such as writing, then what that means is that you are in for a really long ride.

This is not going to be easy but what you can be rest assured of is the fact that this is something that will become easier along the way. It is probably a real struggle for you to get words together in the beginning so a good place to start would be to get with at least one paragraph. They will get longer as you progress. Just be patient and keep working at it and things should pull through just fine for you at some point.

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Wedding Photography Techniques You Should Learn

wedding photography tipsScout the wedding venue ahead of time.

A little extra effort really does go a long way. Your clients will appreciate it extremely well if you visit the venues and check out how the landscapes pan out. Ideally, you should check the place out about a few days ahead of time. Try to visit at about the same time of the day that the wedding event is set to happen. You will get a better grasp on how elements like shadow and light come into play and will ultimately help you get better looking photos in the end of it all. It may even be a really good opportunity for you to hold out an engagement photo shoot. Your clients will appreciate it.

Take some time alone with the bride and groom.

Set aside a maximum of thirty minutes for you to get it done. Weddings can get crazy and out of hand when it comes to the actual date of the event. What you would need to do is to make sure that you set aside some alone time with the bride and groom. Try to do it an hour or so before the actual event starts because you will be having a really hard time to do that once the guests start coming in already. Talk this out with the bride in particular so that you can get the timelines and schedules down pat. Couple shots are the so-called money shots when it comes to indian wedding photography. Try to keep that in mind.

Time your family photos accordingly. Try to put in a schedule for the family photos.

Again, if you would like to coordinate anything time-wise during the actual wedding day, the best person that you can ever go to would be to talk to the bride. Try to time them in such a way wherein you do not have long lines of people lining up and waiting for their turn. It is not the kind of scene that is nice to look at or check out during the wedding day event. You want order and everything in its place.

Ask the bride for a go-to person to help you coordinate the family shots.

It is extremely helpful if you get a member of the family to help coordinate the family photo shoot session for you. You need someone who knows people and who is outspoken enough to say that whose turn it is for their photos to be taken and whose turn it is to pretty much up and get out of the way so that the others can have their turn.

Bring some sticky tape along with you, for good measure.

Sticky tape is something that can serve a whole lot of purposes. Weddings are notorious for clothing mishaps and that is not something that you are going to have to deal with on the photographic side of things. It can help with hems getting out of line, possible nip slips, and so on and so forth.

Stay alert for the candid moments.

These natural looking moments are the most interesting and romantic ones at times so watch out for the best opportunities out there.

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How to Look For A Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyAsk around

Ask around from the people you know and check to see if they have any recommendations to make. At some point, they most likely have had experience with a wedding photographer or so. A good word put out for someone comes a long way so if you know of any acquaintances, friends or family who have glowing recommendations in when it comes to a wedding photographer they know; chances are, you should seriously look into it or at least secure an interview and meet with them at some point just to check if this is something that might possibly work out for you. Go through your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and try to check out which wedding photographers are trending in your area and try to get their contact details at some point so you can set up a meeting and discuss details over.

Figure out costs

Figure out how the costs add up and how a wedding photographer’s fee will make its way into fitting into your budget. Wedding photographers definitely cost a lot of money. Before you make the decision full on and decide to hire one just yet, you need to make sure that you are able to check if the costs will fit into whatever kind of budget you may already have set aside for it. It is crucial that you only stick with something that you can afford or else things will start unraveling and your costs will start getting blown out of the water and way out of proportions.


Learn how to haggle so that you can hammer out a pretty reasonable deal between you and between the wedding photographer. You have to learn how to hustle a little. Haggle with the pricing a little but be reasonable enough to not undercut the wedding photographer too much. You have to remember that they also have overhead costs that they need to foot. The best way to go about with this would be to do a little window shopping and compare the prices and rates of the different wedding photographers out there.

Find team

Look for someone like Angus Matheson who has a team of two to three people just to make sure that they will be able to deliver just what they have promised. You want someone who comes in teams. The one-man army in this kind of setup is a bit difficult to work out. There are a lot of varied tasks and responsibilities and the only way to get it all covered would be to have more than just one person doing it. Although it may be true that wedding photographers who come in teams cost far more than the usual, you are at least guaranteed fast turnaround times, a lot of backup, and a strong follow up plan for when things go awry.

Review contract

Check out if they have a contract drawn up. Review the fine print and the stipulations included. If you can and just to be on the safe side, get the documents reviewed by a legal attorney just to make sure that you are getting a fair deal.

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How to Start a Career as a Wedding Photographer

professional photographyRight equipment

Make sure that you have all of the right equipment first before you go on and attempt to get clients for your business. A wedding photographer needs cameras. It is just part of the occasion and it is something that basically comes with the territory. If you are interested in launching a career in wedding photography, you would need to start off with about three cameras. The first two cameras will pretty much be your main ones. You should use the first two cameras interchangeably. Ideally, what you need to do is mount two different kinds of lenses so that you can change it up every once in a while without going through so much trouble by fumbling through your lenses at some point. It’s also much faster that way.

Free services

You need to offer your services out for free a lot before you gain any kind of traction in the wedding photography industry. This is also something extremely helpful in having you gain experience as a wedding photographer. The point is that there’s no way you will be able to launch your career as a wedding photographer if you do not have experience to show for it. It sounds ridiculous but you need experience to actually gain experience. Offer to cover weddings for people you know. Start small and start in your circle. If that is something that doesn’t work out for you, you might as well look for a professional Northampton photographer that you can apprentice for. That way, you are able to still gain experience without having to carry all the responsibilities and risks that come along with being under contract to cover a wedding.

Write blog

Start writing your own blog and keep it supplied with content that is both inspiring and interesting to you. SEO is the best way for any person interested in growing his business to ever flourish on the internet. This is not the easiest thing to do for someone who does not know how to write right off the bat but if this is something that you are willing to commit to, this is something that you will eventually learn to get used to at some point. Try to keep your posts updated on a weekly basis at least and try to go for something that keeps abreast of the common trends available in wedding photography out there.

Arrange portfolio

Work relentlessly on designing and arranging your portfolio. It is the first face that you show to your prospective clients. Your portfolio is one of the most important things that you should arrange. The devil is all about the details. This may prove to be a bit of a headache at first but will really pull through for you once prospective clients start to review and look at the projects that you are posting online. This will serve as a resume of sorts. It shows your strengths, everything that you specialize in, and so on and so forth.

Get inspiration

Continually work on your inspiration. Inspiration is something that should be free flowing but it is not always something that comes as freely as you would like it to come. It is something that you would need to work on everyday at some point. Make it an effort to really check out the blogs of the wedding photographers whose works inspire you and whom you admire. Subscribe to alerts of new posts on their websites and blogs. Bring your camera out with you everyday and look for inspiration in ordinary things as you go along your day.

Create price scheme

Create an attractive price scheme that is sure to bring in clients. Clients want something that brings in the best value for their money.

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What Great Wedding Photography Is Really About

wedding photographyWedding photography is a niche market that can really bring in huge and lucrative profits. It comes as no surprise then why a lot of photographers are leaning towards making this their line of specialty. It is a pretty good business model. The demand is bigger than ever. People get married all year round and they never run out. The supply chain is small in terms of the high quality sources. If you are photographer who will be able to bring something great to the table, this is a dipping pool you can definitely have your share in. More than that, you are not limited with the amount of clients you can take in. If you can take them back to back and for as long as you can manage the work load, you are pretty much good to go.


Great wedding photography comes in with a few elements. The first one is having a great theme. The theme is what will string all of the photos together. Without a workable theme, the photos you take may just end up looking like a bunch of photos grouped together randomly with no sense of rhyme or reason. That does not come out looking great because wedding photography is all about coming up with one whole piece that is seamless and that will be able to tell a story or at least go with a lateral direction at some point. That is just something that you cannot do if you do not have a theme.

Flawless photos

You also need flawless and perfectly poised choreographed photos if you are aiming for great wedding photography. One way for you to be able to do this would be to invest in a high quality tripod. This is way more beneficial and has way more uses than you could ever think. A tripod is awesome for when you are doing posed photos. It stabilizes your camera and keeps it well grounded so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It will give you more room to think about the composition and the framing of the picture which gives you more room for artistic liberties when you come to think about it. A tripod also reduces camera shake which is more than common when you are filming in places where the amount of natural light is not that abundant. The camera tends to automatically shift to slower shutter speeds and that results to involuntary camera shake which magnifies all the more if handheld. That is why a tripod is your best bet when it comes to keeping the blurry photos at bay.

Photo editing

This may come as a bit of a kicker but the ability to be able to professionally edit the photos also make some major sense. You can be as skilled as wedding photographer dorset in photo editing. Being able to edit the photos well makes the difference between amateur and professional looking photos and that’s something that you should take note of. It would be wise to invest in great photo editing software and to make sure that you teach yourself how to use it. If you find this hard to do, at least attend some workshops or classes to help you learn that useful skill.

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When Planning Special Event Photography

event photography tips1. Always dress to mingle and blend in with the rest of the other people attending the event.

Event photography is first and foremost a professional service and what that means is that you need to always dress the part. That is usually easier said than done but one thing that you can do to make sure that you always lean more towards the right side of things is to always overdress for events. What this means is that it will not hurt for you to invest in a good pair of slacks, a starchy polo, a nice pair of loafers or brogues, and maybe a nice tie and blazers with cuff links to boot. When you think about it, it really does make sense. If you find yourself overdressed for some reason, all you need to do is take off the blazer and tie and you should be pretty much good to go.

2. Always take shots of the place before the actual event starts.

Your clients may not have this kind of foresight and ask this from you initially but you should seriously know better. Take pre-event shots so that there is at least a reminder of the amount of work that went into the place before the actual event took place. Event photography is all about foresight and pre-planning, after all. Plus, the organizers will really get to appreciate that little touch from you.

3. Take an appropriate amount of photos.

Don’t overdo or under-do it either. Event photography is an important and necessary service that comes with the territory of event planning but as a professional photographer buckinghamshire, you should not lose sight of the fact that the attendees are more focused on the events than spending too much time on being photographed too much. This will also save you an awful lot of time for when you are deciding on what photos or shots to include in the final collection of the finished touches that you reel in.

4. Do not take your time.

Be as fast as possible in taking your shots. Your mantra all throughout the coverage of the event should be “in and out”. That means that you should be as quick and concise as possible. Again, we go back to the fact that people are more interested about attending the event than being photographed too much. Give each person a quota of a maximum of three photos each and that’s it. Anything more than that will leave people feeling impatient and irritated and will make them think that time is being taken away from them when they want to start enjoying the event already.

5. Edit with your full attention and be quick with the delivery of the photos.

This has got something to do with your turnaround time table. Go hard and fast with your photo editing. Give it one good sit-down session with no distractions whatsoever, get them all collated and arranged properly, then proceed with the delivery of the actual photos. This is something that works every time.

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3 Tips to Hire Your Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerOne of the most major decisions that you will ever get to come across when it comes to planning a wedding would have to be the part where you look for a wedding photographer to hire. This is something that you should be extra serious about and something that you should highly consider because there are so many things at stake. Remember that your wedding happens only once (on most cases) and will prove to be one of the most important days of your life. You need to make sure that you are able to immortalize the moments as they come by during the event day. These memories will last you for years and years to come, probably all throughout you and your partner’s lifetime.

Memories have that fleeting nature and they tend to fade and blur out in time but modern technology has gifted you with the opportunity to be able to “freeze” time so that you can go back to it any time you would like and it will all seem like it was yesterday. Word to wise, get with a veritably seasoned professional to get the job done, by all means and you should be just fine.

Tip number one: Only go with a wedding photographer who has a steady team of professionals like himself to back him up.

No matter how great a photographer may claim be may be, it will all be for naught if he runs as a lone wolf. That kind of setup just won’t work when it comes to huge weddings. The responsibilities are usually tremendous and there are so many risks that can happen (and may just be waiting to happen) any time all throughout the event as it pans out. You need the team as an assurance that the photographer has people to pick up the slack and fix things if they do not exactly go on as planned.

Tip number two: Have a long discussion about the photography details.

Be assertive and clear about the things that you would like to have in your wedding coverage. Have the photographer sit down with you so you can go over it with him and let him know that you would like to hear what he has to say about things as well. You need to go back and forth and be honest with each other. If you have a so-called list of shots that you think you just need to have by all means, whatsoever then give it to your photographer. Let them know how crucial it is for you and how you absolutely cannot do without it.

Tip number three: Ask them what kind of format they are shooting in

Any wedding photographer who is worth his salt will tell you right off the bat that he is shooting in RAW format. RAW captures the images in their purest essence, making sure that nothing is auto whitewashed or edited. This gives the photographer the chance be able to easily fix any flaws such as blur and overexposure and also a lot of artistic room to touch the photos up and get the effect that he would like them to have.

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Natural Wedding Photography Skills You Should Learn

wedding photographyLearn how to manage a crowd but still sound friendly and polite

Weddings are really huge event that can get a little out of hand for a photographer who does not know how to manage his way through a crowd. As an expert in natural wedding photography, this should be something that you will be able to work up to a T. Be a little more confident with the way you walk and talk and carry yourself overall. People tend to respect photographers who can carry themselves well. You also need to be able to carefully balance it all off so that you don’t end up sounding rude or impolite. Practice by speaking in front of people, giving out instructions, and so on. You’ll figure it all out as you start getting better at it.

Learn how to identify meaningful conversation and strive to immortalize it in the photographs

If you’re an expert in natural wedding photography, you should be able to pick out a meaningful conversation from a sea of faces and do your best to be able to get it in your photos. People bring forth a huge variety of vibes and facial reactions when they are deeply talking about something. You should be able to quickly enough identify it and document it without causing so much of a stir.

Talk photos of people walking

Weddings involve a whole lot of walking and if there’s one thing that you should know about natural wedding photography, it would have to be the fact that you should always be on your feet. Do not be shy to slightly hasten your pace a little or maybe look a little silly sometimes in your quest to capture those walking photos. They’re the most natural photos that you will ever get to have the chance of capturing.

Make people comfortable before you proceed to take their photos

People do not look great when they do not feel comfortable. That’s just something that you would have to remember if natural wedding photography is what you’re aiming for. Go out of your way to make sure that they have everything they need. Let them know that you are accommodating and more than willing to do anything so that they will get to have great photos of themselves taken by you. A little concern goes a long way and something that people will really be able to appreciate especially when they get to see the great looking photos you will be able to deliver in the end of the project.

Encourage people to have a little fun when they get their photos taken

People are uniquely different. That in itself should be something that you should be able to bank on as someone who is after natural wedding photography. Tell them that it’s OK to have fun in the photos every once in a while and that it doesn’t always have to be serious all the time. Personality is everything and it’s what makes your photos shine through and avoid it from looking monotonous and boring.

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Wedding Photography Habits of Established Professionals

  • wedding photography gearPrepare your gear and invest in the best of them out there

Your camera is your main tool to even make your wedding photography career possible so make sure that you have a really good quality camera that will be able to deliver results that high paying clients deserve. Do not scrimp out on this because you only get to start out one, you might as well start out right.

  • Visit the venues in advance and take some practice shots

You need to make sure that you are familiar with the locations both for convenience of travel once the wedding day comes up as well as. This will enable you to know where the best spots are to photograph and how you will be able to properly pose your subjects. This tidbit of knowledge will save you a tremendous amount of time and you will spend less effort in groping your way through the venue because you already know it like the back of your hand.

  • Initiate a meeting with the bride and groom

Go over the details of what they would like to happen for their wedding photography coverage. You need to know what they are expecting from you and in return, you need to be able to let them know what they can expect from your end of the agreement. This will ensure there are no grey areas that may be a cause for dissatisfaction down the road. Expectations should be promptly managed at all times and should be a top priority in all instances.

  • Prepare in a secondary camera that takes decent quality photos

This is much needed in the event that your first camera fails you – which it will at some point. No matter how high quality and high end a camera is, there is always that possibly cosmic tragedy that it breaks or whatever. In that case, you will still need to soldier on and continue filming the wedding event because you are contractually required to do so. A secondary camera will solve that itty bitty little problem for you.

  • Invest in an assortment of lenses that fit both your main and secondary cameras

Different lenses mean that you get to have a variety of angled views which really bring in the creativity factor in your images once they come out. Ideally, you need to start off with two main lenses: the wide angle lens and the macro lens. The wide angle lens is for the group photos where you need to fit a lot of people in one shot whereas the macro lens is for those detailed and romantic close-ups that are absolute prerequisites in the wedding photography.

  • Get an assistant to help you out during the coverage of the event

You can’t be a lone wolf in this kind of job – no matter what you do about it. It is a huge undertaking with scattered responsibilities. You need a partner to scope out the entire field, period.

  • Back your files up in different places for added security

Memory cards can sometimes play evil pranks on you by corrupting your files so they are not exactly foolproof mediums for you to keep your images in after the shoot. Get some extra hard drives and computers, CDs, flash drives, and so on and so forth and back your images up in multiple ways.

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Crucial Gear You Need to Have for Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsInvest in a good quality DSLR

This is a basic pre-requisite but something that is worth mentioning anyway to begin with. This is your main money maker right here. Invest in a high quality DSLR camera that will enable you to take high resolution photos that will be able to deliver the kind of product a legitimate paying client is shelling out his bucks for. You can’t launch a professional wedding photography career without – one, period, point blank.

Invest in a fairly nice quality secondary camera

It should fit the lenses of your primary camera. This is also another non-negotiable pre-requisite. You just got to have a secondary camera. Imagine the horror of filming halfway through a wedding event and by the most unfortunate of fates, something happens to your primary camera. You can’t just drop dead and give up altogether. You owe it to your clients to be responsible enough to have a backup gear setup and ready.

Always film in RAW and not in JPEG

The RAW format is the go-to format of more established professional wedding photographers. This is because it captures all of the information the moment that you take the photos. It does not compress it or auto edit it whatsoever which is exactly what happens when you shoot the pictures in JPEG format. It will also provide you with more artistic liberties post shoot for the mere fact that you have more options because the photo is technically complete and has not been short wired.

Have an army of batteries and memory cards ready

This is just common sense. Wedding events can take a lot of time, sometimes hours on end. And guess what, they might even run longer than expected at times. It is an absolute necessity for you to make sure that you have enough juice to keep you running. Also, RAW images take up far more memory space than JPEG images so you need to prepare ahead of time for it because you will run out at some point so it’s nice to have a lot of extras backed up.

Invest in an external flash gun

This is more of a preferential add-on but if you want photos that are less prone to overexposure, this is your best. The external flash gun sits several inches on top of the actual lens as opposed to the built in ones that cameras usually have so you are able to produce better quality pictures.

Invest in a wide angle lens

This is perfect for group photos and panoramic shots. Weddings are notorious for having a lot of people in the landscape and having a wide angle lens saves you the embarrassment of cropping anyone out.

Invest in a macro lens

This lens is great for portrait photos, profile close-ups, or close-ups of details in the wedding decorations. You need it for the more arty photos to complement the rest of your shots. Macro lenses also tend to produce more personalized and romantic photos that just work incredibly well with the romantic mood that weddings in general come along with.

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