Plugins Myth Revealed: Photographers Read This!

A websites for photographerss a photographer who spends most of his time with cameras and trying to look for inspiration, hearing about (or reading) what people say on plugins can be confusing. Because you don’t have time to spend on learning about ITs, you could possibly be listening to myths that no longer exist. In other words, they were never true, or was probably the case before, but not anymore.

Here we have plugins myth revealed specially for websites for photographers.

Plugins can slow down your website

This is not the case with lots of websites for photographers and you might have noticed this. You cannot use only one or two plugins; you have to use tons of them to ensure your site is enticing and working properly.

Using plugins that you really need won’t slow it down. In fact, the right plugin can speed up your site, improve rankings, and even delete spam messages and comments across pages.

Plugins cannot slow down your website

This is a wrong notion. It cannot slow down your site does not mean you should just download and implement all the plugins you find interesting. The issue with some people who did not look up about this before signing up for a domain is the huge amount of useless plugin causing visitors having to load a bunch of them.

Some plugins are very well-optimized; YoastSEO, JetPack, WP Super Cache, and so on, are examples of well-optimized ones. To compare, imagine if you downloaded a messenger app on your phone, and for the next 6 months, no update was ever done. You can be sure that by next year, that app will probably start crashing a lot with the new OS and will even stop working. The same goes with plugins. They have to be continuously updated and observed to maintain quality and functionality. Only such ones will not slow down your site.

Paid plugins are better than free ones

This is very subjective. Lots of plugins that are available for free are great plugins to have. The ones mentioned above are just some examples. However, paying for an upgraded version or a premium version usually gives you additional feature and even lists you as a VIP user. Being a VIP user means that the support team will listen to how your opinion can help improve websites for photographers as well.

I should delete inactive plugins

This is like saying I should discard that bicycle I haven’t used in a long time. Whatever does that bicycle can do to you except sitting there waiting for you to ride it again? The same goes for plugins. Although you can delete and download it again, leaving it be will not affect your site in any way.

I have to pay a lot for WordPress to get plugins

That is wrong and right. There are two WordPress sites, one ends in .org while the other ends in .com. The one in .org requires a host to start your own website, but the plugins are completely free to use. As for .com, yes, you need to subscribe for about $25 a month to be able to use plugins.

We hope this will help you clear things up about plugins and improve your websites!

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