Wedding Photography Habits of Established Professionals

  • wedding photography gearPrepare your gear and invest in the best of them out there

Your camera is your main tool to even make your wedding photography career possible so make sure that you have a really good quality camera that will be able to deliver results that high paying clients deserve. Do not scrimp out on this because you only get to start out one, you might as well start out right.

  • Visit the venues in advance and take some practice shots

You need to make sure that you are familiar with the locations both for convenience of travel once the wedding day comes up as well as. This will enable you to know where the best spots are to photograph and how you will be able to properly pose your subjects. This tidbit of knowledge will save you a tremendous amount of time and you will spend less effort in groping your way through the venue because you already know it like the back of your hand.

  • Initiate a meeting with the bride and groom

Go over the details of what they would like to happen for their wedding photography coverage. You need to know what they are expecting from you and in return, you need to be able to let them know what they can expect from your end of the agreement. This will ensure there are no grey areas that may be a cause for dissatisfaction down the road. Expectations should be promptly managed at all times and should be a top priority in all instances.

  • Prepare in a secondary camera that takes decent quality photos

This is much needed in the event that your first camera fails you – which it will at some point. No matter how high quality and high end a camera is, there is always that possibly cosmic tragedy that it breaks or whatever. In that case, you will still need to soldier on and continue filming the wedding event because you are contractually required to do so. A secondary camera will solve that itty bitty little problem for you.

  • Invest in an assortment of lenses that fit both your main and secondary cameras

Different lenses mean that you get to have a variety of angled views which really bring in the creativity factor in your images once they come out. Ideally, you need to start off with two main lenses: the wide angle lens and the macro lens. The wide angle lens is for the group photos where you need to fit a lot of people in one shot whereas the macro lens is for those detailed and romantic close-ups that are absolute prerequisites in the wedding photography.

  • Get an assistant to help you out during the coverage of the event

You can’t be a lone wolf in this kind of job – no matter what you do about it. It is a huge undertaking with scattered responsibilities. You need a partner to scope out the entire field, period.

  • Back your files up in different places for added security

Memory cards can sometimes play evil pranks on you by corrupting your files so they are not exactly foolproof mediums for you to keep your images in after the shoot. Get some extra hard drives and computers, CDs, flash drives, and so on and so forth and back your images up in multiple ways.

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