Wedding Photography Techniques You Should Learn

wedding photography tipsScout the wedding venue ahead of time.

A little extra effort really does go a long way. Your clients will appreciate it extremely well if you visit the venues and check out how the landscapes pan out. Ideally, you should check the place out about a few days ahead of time. Try to visit at about the same time of the day that the wedding event is set to happen. You will get a better grasp on how elements like shadow and light come into play and will ultimately help you get better looking photos in the end of it all. It may even be a really good opportunity for you to hold out an engagement photo shoot. Your clients will appreciate it.

Take some time alone with the bride and groom.

Set aside a maximum of thirty minutes for you to get it done. Weddings can get crazy and out of hand when it comes to the actual date of the event. What you would need to do is to make sure that you set aside some alone time with the bride and groom. Try to do it an hour or so before the actual event starts because you will be having a really hard time to do that once the guests start coming in already. Talk this out with the bride in particular so that you can get the timelines and schedules down pat. Couple shots are the so-called money shots when it comes to indian wedding photography. Try to keep that in mind.

Time your family photos accordingly. Try to put in a schedule for the family photos.

Again, if you would like to coordinate anything time-wise during the actual wedding day, the best person that you can ever go to would be to talk to the bride. Try to time them in such a way wherein you do not have long lines of people lining up and waiting for their turn. It is not the kind of scene that is nice to look at or check out during the wedding day event. You want order and everything in its place.

Ask the bride for a go-to person to help you coordinate the family shots.

It is extremely helpful if you get a member of the family to help coordinate the family photo shoot session for you. You need someone who knows people and who is outspoken enough to say that whose turn it is for their photos to be taken and whose turn it is to pretty much up and get out of the way so that the others can have their turn.

Bring some sticky tape along with you, for good measure.

Sticky tape is something that can serve a whole lot of purposes. Weddings are notorious for clothing mishaps and that is not something that you are going to have to deal with on the photographic side of things. It can help with hems getting out of line, possible nip slips, and so on and so forth.

Stay alert for the candid moments.

These natural looking moments are the most interesting and romantic ones at times so watch out for the best opportunities out there.

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