Go-To Tips For Wedding Photography

Get a contract drawn upwedding photography

If you are planning to seriously venture into Seattle wedding photography as a source of income and you are thinking of launching a business with that kind of model in mind, then you might as well make sure that you have everything figured out one way or the other. The best way for you to be able to go about with this would have to be to get things listed down in a contract. You need to make sure that you are able to map everything out in black and white. Your clients will need to know exactly what they are getting and what kind of price they are paying for your services. The reason why the contract is so crucial to any kind of business agreement is because of the fact that it will be able to effectively rule out any kind of argument between the bride and the groom and you. Make sure that the contract you draft up is iron clad and covers any kinds of loopholes. It will also be best if you make sure that it is reviewed by a lawyer and you let him proofread it.

Map out a timeline of events

You will need to schedule all of your tasks and all of the different events in the wedding accordingly. You have to understand the fact that if you go ahead and have a schedule for when you are shooting moments in the wedding, then you will be able to go about with things far more efficiently than you technically will as compared to when you do not have a schedule. Set things up accordingly and categorize the moments as they come along. Engagement shoots should be scheduled at least a week or two before the actual wedding day. Before the start of the wedding, if the couple does not have any traditions against it, then schedule a bride and groom photo shoot at least an hour before everything starts. Schedule the getting ready part. Schedule the couple photo shoot. Schedule the actual ceremony part. Schedule the reception, and so on and so forth. You will see that it will make you less flustered and more focused when you are covering your shoot.

Have an emergency wedding kit

Make sure that you are always well prepared for your shoot. Wedding photography has a lot of unexpected surprises and as the photographer, you need to make sure that you have an emergency kit of sorts. Have some sticky tape, some safety pins, power, lint remover, and so on and so forth. It will at least help you make that quick save for when things happen.

Be open minded when it comes to religion

There are a lot of religions in the world and they vary and that will be as such for the weddings that that you cover. Not all of them will have the same faith as you do. Make sure that you get to keep an open mind about things and be accepting of them as they occur.

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Strategies a Wedding Photographer Should Try

wedding photography tipsA wedding photographer should seriously get acquainted with positive exposure compensation. Let us get things straight once and for all. Wedding dresses are usually white. That has been the tradition for the past one hundred years or so and guess what, it looks like it is a tradition that will stay the same at some point. The reason why this can be an issue for you as the wedding photographer is because of the fact that the camera will not identify the dress as something that just has a lot of white. The camera will think that it is a giant bright spot that needs to be subdued one way or the other. It will automatically try to make up for it in an attempt to what it thinks will save the photo from the big bright spot.

This will have the wedding dress end up looking dull and somewhat gray. Brides spend hundreds and sometimes up to thousands of dollars in their wedding dresses and they will not appreciate it at all if you bring them pictures with their dress looking gray. Save the day by dialing in some positive exposure compensation and save yourself the disappointment and the disapproval.

You need a second body camera, no discussions or arguments needed.

Weddings can really drag on for hours and hours on end and as the official wedding photographer, you need to be there enough to really get to document it. Having something happen to your main camera is no excuse to stopping the coverage and to missing out some of the most important moments of the bride and groom’s lives; at least that is what they think. They will not accept something on the lines of “I’m sorry but my camera crashed”. Having a second body camera will serve as your insurance and will really get to save the day for you in the event that your main camera breaks down in the middle of a shoot.

Bring a second wedding photographer with you when you are covering the event.

Most of the new wedding photographers out there will probably think that this is something that they can skip out on in some cases and that is actually possible. Consider the size of the Lake como wedding and the number of guests attending and make your decisions from there. Huge weddings require a lot of ground work to be covered and it may not be possible if you are the only one working the reins. You will not only be able to focus more on your priority shots, you are also guaranteed that you at least already have a backup camera set in place in the event that you do not have one yet. If you think that this is something that you cannot really afford just yet, you do not have to hire someone out on a full time basis. You can make it on a per event basis.

That way, you do not have to pay anyone if you do not have any gigs. It really helps when you have an extra hand around. More than that, you will also have someone manning other things such as the carrying around of the equipment, if you will be able to weasel in that kind of deal one way or the other. It will make your life so much easier.

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How to Look For A Wedding Photographer

wedding photographyAsk around

Ask around from the people you know and check to see if they have any recommendations to make. At some point, they most likely have had experience with a wedding photographer or so. A good word put out for someone comes a long way so if you know of any acquaintances, friends or family who have glowing recommendations in when it comes to a wedding photographer they know; chances are, you should seriously look into it or at least secure an interview and meet with them at some point just to check if this is something that might possibly work out for you. Go through your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and try to check out which wedding photographers are trending in your area and try to get their contact details at some point so you can set up a meeting and discuss details over.

Figure out costs

Figure out how the costs add up and how a wedding photographer’s fee will make its way into fitting into your budget. Wedding photographers definitely cost a lot of money. Before you make the decision full on and decide to hire one just yet, you need to make sure that you are able to check if the costs will fit into whatever kind of budget you may already have set aside for it. It is crucial that you only stick with something that you can afford or else things will start unraveling and your costs will start getting blown out of the water and way out of proportions.


Learn how to haggle so that you can hammer out a pretty reasonable deal between you and between the wedding photographer. You have to learn how to hustle a little. Haggle with the pricing a little but be reasonable enough to not undercut the wedding photographer too much. You have to remember that they also have overhead costs that they need to foot. The best way to go about with this would be to do a little window shopping and compare the prices and rates of the different wedding photographers out there.

Find team

Look for someone like Angus Matheson who has a team of two to three people just to make sure that they will be able to deliver just what they have promised. You want someone who comes in teams. The one-man army in this kind of setup is a bit difficult to work out. There are a lot of varied tasks and responsibilities and the only way to get it all covered would be to have more than just one person doing it. Although it may be true that wedding photographers who come in teams cost far more than the usual, you are at least guaranteed fast turnaround times, a lot of backup, and a strong follow up plan for when things go awry.

Review contract

Check out if they have a contract drawn up. Review the fine print and the stipulations included. If you can and just to be on the safe side, get the documents reviewed by a legal attorney just to make sure that you are getting a fair deal.

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How to Start a Career as a Wedding Photographer

professional photographyRight equipment

Make sure that you have all of the right equipment first before you go on and attempt to get clients for your business. A wedding photographer needs cameras. It is just part of the occasion and it is something that basically comes with the territory. If you are interested in launching a career in wedding photography, you would need to start off with about three cameras. The first two cameras will pretty much be your main ones. You should use the first two cameras interchangeably. Ideally, what you need to do is mount two different kinds of lenses so that you can change it up every once in a while without going through so much trouble by fumbling through your lenses at some point. It’s also much faster that way.

Free services

You need to offer your services out for free a lot before you gain any kind of traction in the wedding photography industry. This is also something extremely helpful in having you gain experience as a wedding photographer. The point is that there’s no way you will be able to launch your career as a wedding photographer if you do not have experience to show for it. It sounds ridiculous but you need experience to actually gain experience. Offer to cover weddings for people you know. Start small and start in your circle. If that is something that doesn’t work out for you, you might as well look for a professional Northampton photographer that you can apprentice for. That way, you are able to still gain experience without having to carry all the responsibilities and risks that come along with being under contract to cover a wedding.

Write blog

Start writing your own blog and keep it supplied with content that is both inspiring and interesting to you. SEO is the best way for any person interested in growing his business to ever flourish on the internet. This is not the easiest thing to do for someone who does not know how to write right off the bat but if this is something that you are willing to commit to, this is something that you will eventually learn to get used to at some point. Try to keep your posts updated on a weekly basis at least and try to go for something that keeps abreast of the common trends available in wedding photography out there.

Arrange portfolio

Work relentlessly on designing and arranging your portfolio. It is the first face that you show to your prospective clients. Your portfolio is one of the most important things that you should arrange. The devil is all about the details. This may prove to be a bit of a headache at first but will really pull through for you once prospective clients start to review and look at the projects that you are posting online. This will serve as a resume of sorts. It shows your strengths, everything that you specialize in, and so on and so forth.

Get inspiration

Continually work on your inspiration. Inspiration is something that should be free flowing but it is not always something that comes as freely as you would like it to come. It is something that you would need to work on everyday at some point. Make it an effort to really check out the blogs of the wedding photographers whose works inspire you and whom you admire. Subscribe to alerts of new posts on their websites and blogs. Bring your camera out with you everyday and look for inspiration in ordinary things as you go along your day.

Create price scheme

Create an attractive price scheme that is sure to bring in clients. Clients want something that brings in the best value for their money.

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3 Tips to Hire Your Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerOne of the most major decisions that you will ever get to come across when it comes to planning a wedding would have to be the part where you look for a wedding photographer to hire. This is something that you should be extra serious about and something that you should highly consider because there are so many things at stake. Remember that your wedding happens only once (on most cases) and will prove to be one of the most important days of your life. You need to make sure that you are able to immortalize the moments as they come by during the event day. These memories will last you for years and years to come, probably all throughout you and your partner’s lifetime.

Memories have that fleeting nature and they tend to fade and blur out in time but modern technology has gifted you with the opportunity to be able to “freeze” time so that you can go back to it any time you would like and it will all seem like it was yesterday. Word to wise, get with a veritably seasoned professional to get the job done, by all means and you should be just fine.

Tip number one: Only go with a wedding photographer who has a steady team of professionals like himself to back him up.

No matter how great a photographer may claim be may be, it will all be for naught if he runs as a lone wolf. That kind of setup just won’t work when it comes to huge weddings. The responsibilities are usually tremendous and there are so many risks that can happen (and may just be waiting to happen) any time all throughout the event as it pans out. You need the team as an assurance that the photographer has people to pick up the slack and fix things if they do not exactly go on as planned.

Tip number two: Have a long discussion about the photography details.

Be assertive and clear about the things that you would like to have in your wedding coverage. Have the photographer sit down with you so you can go over it with him and let him know that you would like to hear what he has to say about things as well. You need to go back and forth and be honest with each other. If you have a so-called list of shots that you think you just need to have by all means, whatsoever then give it to your photographer. Let them know how crucial it is for you and how you absolutely cannot do without it.

Tip number three: Ask them what kind of format they are shooting in

Any wedding photographer who is worth his salt will tell you right off the bat that he is shooting in RAW format. RAW captures the images in their purest essence, making sure that nothing is auto whitewashed or edited. This gives the photographer the chance be able to easily fix any flaws such as blur and overexposure and also a lot of artistic room to touch the photos up and get the effect that he would like them to have.

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