Wedding Photographer Dundee: Shooting in Bright Daylight and Darkness

wedding photographer DundeeThe challenges that you have to deal with light alone are many. Light is the most essential factor in capturing pictures. Without light, you can’t see anything as your lens have to capture light to show the image on the screen. Too much light and the sensor can go awry, unable to balance the image on the picture due to the excessive light it’s taking in.

As a wedding photographer Dundee, you might have been faced with situations where you have to take pictures in bright daylight with the sun shining against everything white, like the wedding dress. You also take pictures in the reception room during the dance hour, and the room is too dark for the picture to capture things without being blurry.

Something to light the place up

If the location is too dark to take pictures, make sure that you have the right equipment to flash the place when you are taking pictures. Get a flash kit and a speedlight for the occasion. Learn about timing the kit as well as how far they can work if wireless.

Practice with them to see the effect that they produce. There are times when photographers think that it will work, but the result did not turn out as they have expected it. It’s not just a bummer to your client, but you are wasting time when you could have taken other pictures.

Something to block the light

If it’s too bright, find something to block the sunlight. It could be by taking the pictures against a wall. You can also use an umbrella to prevent the light from creating a horrible shadow on the face of the couple. We learned from a professional wedding photographer Dundee, Angus Forbes Photography, that you can use the groom’s body if he’s taller, to block the sunlight as well.

One more thing that you need to pay attention to is that during the ceremony or reception that takes place outdoors during the day, you don’t need the whole area to be covered. In order for your camera to be able to receive the image properly, you just need to shoot from the right angle. Don’t aim it towards the sun or use a hood to block it.

Adjust to the situation

Just because it’s too dark, doesn’t mean you have to light up the whole place. Play along with the darkness around you and capture something different for the couple. Practice the shots a few times until you can get it perfect before you try it with your clients. Another thing you can try is to do light painting photography.

Many couples love light painting photography because of how colorful it gets. It also looks like the pictures have been edited, but it’s only a simple camera trick!

Your camera might not be able to automatically take in so much light and starts to darken everything else. Stay out of taking a picture with the sun in front of you. Use reflectors to replace the shadow that may be cast on the couple’s face. Choose your reflector wisely to make them look natural. If you can practice this right, you will be able to become a better wedding photographer Dundee.

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