Wedding Photography: About Camera Equipment

wedding photography YorkshireWhat is the best camera for wedding photography Yorkshire? We know that many people ask this question, hoping for a direct answer with a concise explanation. But the reality isn’t that simple because there is not one right camera.

There are some requirements for a camera to be suitable to take wedding pictures and we’d like to explain those to you. We will also include some tools that you will absolutely need for your job.


For the camera, some of the best models would be Canon Mark III or Nikon D800 series. These cameras produce some crispy pictures that would satisfy any photographer if done right. They also don’t cost too much considering the models above them. If you want to get a higher series, we won’t hold you back. If you can afford them, why not?

What you really need to find out would be the drawbacks of the camera. Every company is always happy to tell you about the great things, not the bad things, of their product. For example, a new Canon Mark model lacks the ability to operate in mute mode. The shutter sound is loud and clear.

Prime and zoom lens

Trying to decide which one is better would be like comparing oranges to apples. Each of them is good in their own ways, which means you need to have one of each. Depending on the situation, you have to adjust your use. The prime lens is typically best when you are shooting formal poses. You already know the range of your subjects and are allowed to take your time to adjust your position.

Zoom lenses, on the other hand, is a more versatile choice in a party. In the middle of an environment where things change real fast, you don’t always have the time to walk close to the object. You can see some examples of wedding photography Yorkshire at

This means you can have one zoom lens, but preferably at least two prime lenses. In practicality, you will be needing more lenses depending on how you work. Each photographer has something they are comfortable working with, so we won’t decide what you should buy.

Reliable bag

A photography bag is a must. It has to store your cameras, lenses, batteries, charger and memory cards. It also has to be durable and protect your equipment from bumping because a small scratch on your lens or camera’s lens means the end of them.

Tripod and flash

Don’t forget the tripod and be sure to check its condition before bringing it. It has to be strong and firm, keeping the camera at its place and is not easily blown or moved.

The flash equipment can differ from one photographer to another. There are some who prefer to work with minimal equipment because the rest can be edited. There are others who come with extra lighting equipment when it’s dark. We also cannot decide which one is yours, but we do recommend you to work with minimal equipment.

For the guests to be comfortable, you cannot carry a lot of things as it’ll distract them. Yet, extra lighting will really help when you have to do wedding photography Yorkshire when it’s totally dark.

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